About Us


Founded in 1998, SoftSolutions has been a leader in developing and deploying successful data management solutions.  The company was founded on the belief that real-time, highly accurate data provides decision makers with a competitive edge. We believe that most individuals can effectively self-manage if they are provided with the right information at the right time.  Our goal is to empower our clients with the most intuitive and effective Enterprise Integration Tools that link the Top Floor with the Shop Floor, providing real-time results and analysis.

Today, Flex by SoftSolutions can be found in manufacturing facilities across the United State and abroad.  From our groundbreaking Flex performance scorecards and data integration engine, to our data warehousing solutions and custom software development, we know how to integrate people & processes across the enterprise to enable higher productivity.

Our team combines decades of experience in the trenches of manufacturing with expertise in operations management, software development, systems engineering and industrial-quality data collection.

Meet the Team

James Foster - President:  Jay Foster founded SoftSolutions in 1998 after seeing a strong need for improved data collection and analysis across the manufacturing industry.  His vision is to break down the barriers that prevent trustworthy data from flowing between the “islands of automation” on most manufacturing shop floors.  He believes that one day every critical machine in production will have a DMI – and that it will be running Flex software.  Jay has served as President of the Regional Technology Council and continues to serve on the board of the RBTC today.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from VA Tech with a minor in Psychology, obtained a Graduate Certificate from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, and earned an MBA degree from VA Tech.  He is married with two teenage daughters and enjoys travel, tennis and guitar.
Richard Willis - VP Engineering:  Dick Willis brings over 25 years of technical and software experience to SoftSolutions.  He is an expert in looking for patterns in manufacturing systems, helping system managers to identify waste and finding ways to reduce it.   He has worked on models of systems as diverse as underground hydraulic fractures, rubber extruders and quadriplegic humans. His passion is for clearly identifying problems and developing pragmatic solutions to them.  Dick received both Bachelor's and Master's of Science degrees from M.I.T in Mechanical Engineering.  He likes to ride his bike in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, brew excellent dark beer, and unleashes the creativity and questioning power of adolescents by being a very good Episcopalian Sunday School teacher.
Donal Robb - VP Operations:  Don brings over 25 years of printing industry experience to SoftSolutions, including many years at RR Donnelley and Bertelsmann's Coral Graphics Group.  As a VP of Manufacturing at RR Donnelley, Don successfully implemented Flex on the production floor, as well as provided leadership for significant process and performance improvement initiatives.  His successes have been documented in Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine, including the use of Flex to drive results that led to the Fortune Magazine article.  Don graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA, and loves to be outside hiking, biking, rock climbing and skiing with his family.

Employment Opportunities
SoftSolutions is always on the look out for "A Players."  If you're a talented, motivated software engineer with C# programming skills and/or relational database experience, please send us a copy of your resume to recruiting@softsolutionsit.com.

For a list of our current openings, please click here.
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