RPM is a Real-time Communications Platform for Lean Manufacturing

Real-time Production Management (RPM) combines existing technologies such as a shop-floor Direct-Machine-Interface (DMI), simple ERP integration, and low-cost Web Browser devices to deliver easy access to real-time visibility on today's production results. Anywhere. Anytime. From virtually any device.  

A robust RPM system helps you align the right People with the right Processes to get the right Results. RPM provides the foundation for your key initiatives around Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Kaizen.

For the simplest, fastest, easiest way to network your Equipment with any PC, Smart-Phone, or Tablet device, check out our Flex-LEAN solution.


Effective Communication - made EASY

Managing the fast-paced world of a manufacturing facility is a challenge.  It's loud, chaotic, and change happens rapidly.  Why keep struggling with lagging indicators, such as paper based shift logs and production meetings, to meet today's schedule?  

Flex-RPM will make your job easier, and more effective with:  

  • Leading indicators on schedule attainment issues
  • Scorecards that highlight your best performers
  • Alerts on Setups, Downtime, Waste, and Speed Losses
  • Insight into production standards for better scheduling


Real-time Visibility.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Any Device.

Today,most production facilities are running with little, if any, real-time performance feedback. Flex solves this common challenge using proven web browser technology to view Production on virtually any device:

  • Smart Phones 
  • Low-cost Android Tablets
  • Flat-screen Displays
  • Front-office or Home PCs



Count on Flex Software for DMI Direct Machine Interface, Factory Automation, Shop Floor Data Integration Collection, Trustworthy Data, Production Control Solution

Direct-Machine-Interface (DMI) - means Trustworthy Data

Today's internet and web browser technology makes it EASY to deliver information to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world at virtually zero cost.  But if the data is not trustworthy, the information is useless.  Flex utilizes DMI technology to deliver trustworthy Metrics directly from your equipment.


ERP Integration - made EASY

Flex makes it easy to communicate front-office ERP production standards to Operators.  Real-time schedule updates are automatically updated through our OPEN API via Web Services or simple Flat-File.  Flex can extend virutally any existing ERP system.

Aligning Strategy and Execution - is not so easy!

RPM technologies reduce the stress and challenges of poor communication.


Production Reporting - made EASY

Build your own custom production reports and scorecards with the Flex Report Builder.  All visible on your smart phone, tablet, PC or any other browser-based device, this includes:

  • Real-time performance gauges, bar-charts, and trend-lines

  • Performance Scorecards based upon shift, day, month, quarter, etc.

  • Subscription services automatically sends a PDF of any report to your inbox

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What others say about Flex
“Flex tools help our operations team keep one step ahead of our sales department. We are hitting our production targets more consistently since implementing Flex.”

Mitchell Kaneff, CEO, Arkay Packaging

Count on Flex Software for DMI Direct Machine Interface, Factory Automation, Shop Floor Data Integration Collection, Trustworthy Data, Production Control Solution